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Why Trump’s Cuban Labor Pick Won’t Draw Latinx Approval

Hear, hear! The day has finally arrived… Trump has opened his ears to the country and nominated one of the many qualified Latinos to his cabinet. Except he chose a conservative Cuban law professor from Florida (HOW ORIGINAL, huh).

First thing is first: this is not an anti-Cubano post. *One more time for the people in the back* THIS IS NOT AN ANTI-CUBANO POST. Cubans are an important piece of our American mosaic and have been for the better part of the last century.

But Cubanos are generally not representative of Latino Americans as a whole! Here are some statistics courtesy of Pew Hispanic:

Did you know, Cubans only make up roughly 3.7% of the entire Latino population in the United States? That’s roughlly 2 million people, a number that seems significant until you compare it to the 34.6 Mexicans or people of Mexican decent living in the United States.

The median age of Cubans is 40. The median age of Latinos in the United States is 28, 12 years younger. Think about the difference between a 40 year old and a 28 year old… BUT HEY, ALL LATINO SUBGROUPS ARE THE SAME NO MATTER STATISTICAL CONTRADICTION, RIGHT???

Additionally, Cubans are the most concentrated Latino subgroup in the country with 78% living in the south and 68% living in just Florida. Less Cubans live in poverty than other Latinos in the United States and typically have higher rates of homeownership and health insurance coverage.

Here’s my favorite: nearly half of Cuban voters in Florida (which is most of them, remember) voted for Trump.

Alexander Acosta’s Secretary of Labor nomination is no doubt a victory for Cubans. I’ll even admit it’s a “plus” for all Latinos in terms of blanket “representation” (many eye rolls). But we all know that this Administration will not frame it that way. Instead, if confirmed, Acosta will become Trump’s token Latino cabinet member, and the white supremacists and alt-right will pat themselves on the back and call it progressive.

I’m “happy” that Trump has “finally found” a worthy Latino to nominate. But I don’t suddenly feel more represented or protected because Acosta also identifies as a Latino. If anything, it further mocks Latinos in the United States by proving that Trump and his team are discriminatory towards us. Mexicans are rapists and murderers, but Cubans who voted for him? Secretary of Labor.

I reject discrimination. I reject racism. I reject false rhetoric. I reject Trump. I reject his labor nomination. I demand a seat of the table. I demand representation. 

History has its eyes on you. 



Why We Write

Yesterday night at a work happy hour someone informed me that we are officially through 1% of the Trump presidency (assuming this hell will only last four years). Yep, you read that right… the glass is 1% full. Just writing that on the screen hit me with a wave of anxiety.

I’ve seen several articles in the last week or so about the importance of self-care and trends of low productivity at work. I’ve taken many more bubble baths than usual and found myself staying later at work after staring at CNN for hours midday. Everyday seems like a new feat, a new group being attacked, another way the world is literally falling apart.

So I’ve vowed to write. And I’ve somehow convinced my amazing “besquire” (BEST FRIEND WHO IS ALSO AN (almost) ESQUIRE– awesome, right?), Celina, to do the same. When everything is up in flames, what else is there to therapeutically write about it??

So, that’s that… now we write. I hope that you enjoy the continuous schpeal of opinion that is to follow. And if you don’t, we’d love to start a conversation.


History Has Its Eyes On You



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