Yesterday night at a work happy hour someone informed me that we are officially through 1% of the Trump presidency (assuming this hell will only last four years). Yep, you read that right… the glass is 1% full. Just writing that on the screen hit me with a wave of anxiety.

I’ve seen several articles in the last week or so about the importance of self-care and trends of low productivity at work. I’ve taken many more bubble baths than usual and found myself staying later at work after staring at CNN for hours midday. Everyday seems like a new feat, a new group being attacked, another way the world is literally falling apart.

So I’ve vowed to write. And I’ve somehow convinced my amazing “besquire” (BEST FRIEND WHO IS ALSO AN (almost) ESQUIRE– awesome, right?), Celina, to do the same. When everything is up in flames, what else is there to therapeutically write about it??

So, that’s that… now we write. I hope that you enjoy the continuous schpeal of opinion that is to follow. And if you don’t, we’d love to start a conversation.


History Has Its Eyes On You